Gas & LPG

We service all makes and models of Gas Boilers, Fires and Water Heaters.

We service condensing, non-condensing, combination, open vent and system boilers.

Boiler Service £65.00 + VAT (£78.00)

What’s involved in a Gas boiler service?

 They will check the boiler is working safely and efficiently. A good service includes checking:

  • Correct gas pressure and flow

  • Flue and combustion. A flue gas analyser will be used to make sure the boiler is burning the right mixture of gas and air.

  • Fans and other key components are working efficiently

  • Seals are intact

  • Electrodes are in a good condition

  • Safety devices are checked

  • Condensate trap and pipe is not blocked

  • Water and gas pipework

Water Heater Service £65.00 + VAT (£78.00)

Fire Service £65.00 + VAT (£78.00)


Heating hourly labour charge £65.00 + VAT (£78.00)

Call out charge (up to one hour) E55.00 + VAT (£66.00)


Landlord Gas Safety Certificates / Property Purchase or Sale Safety Certificate


Landlord gas safety certificates are a requirement by law to be help for all rental accommodation in the UK where gas appliances are present.


The Law requires all gas appliances (Boiler, Hob, and Fire) to be checked annually.


Gas safety certificate (inc a boiler service) £65.00 + VAT (£78.00)


Further appliances (Hob/Fire) £10.00 + VAT per appliance

Certificate is supplied for Landlord and Tenant upon receipt of payment for the visit. 


Unvented Cylinders:


Manufacturers of Unvented cylinders recommend an annual service to be carried out. Many home insurance policies also require this. Failure to keep the cylinder and pipework maintained and serviced could result in insurance companies failing to cover damage if something was to occur.


Unvented Cylinder Service £65.00 + VAT (£78.00)


What’s involved in an Unvented Cylinder Service?

A service for unvented water heaters includes testing safety valves, recharging pressure vessels, cleaning the pressure reduction valve, checking electrical connections and providing a service certificate.



We service all makes and models of oil boilers. Unfortunately we are unable to service Oil Fired AGAs.


Oil boiler service £70.00 + VAT (£84.00)


What’s involved in an Oil boiler service?

During your service, the engineer will check that your boiler is in good working condition, as well as testing the safety and efficiency of your system. Oil boiler servicing usually takes around one hour, during this time the engineer will:

  • Visually inspect the boiler and all associated pipes or areas (including your oil tank and supply pipe), to make sure that they comply with current safety regulations.

  • Inspect the flue.

  • Use a flue gas analyser to check combustion.

  • Remove the boiler casing and clean internal components

  • Ask if you have experienced any issues with the boiler.

  • Turn the boiler on to check that it is working correctly.


Nozzle (if required) £15.00 + VAT (£18.00)

Oil Hose 5 year lifespan (if required) £20.00 + VAT (£24.00)


We offer a Landlords Oil Certificate that can be carried out when the annual service is done. Please request this upon booking. £70.00 + VAT (£84.00)
Certificate is supplied for Landlord and Tenant upon receipt of payment for the visit.


Cylinder installation

We install vented and unvented cylinders.

Vented Cylinder starting from £595.00 + VAT

Unvented Cylinder starting from £1400.00 + VAT


Boiler installation:


Gas – We are both Worcester Accredited installers and Viessmann Partner.

Worcester boiler installation

Viessmann boiler installation


Oil – We are Worcester Accredited Installers and Grant G One registered.

Worcester oil boiler installation

Grant oil boiler installation

Please contact us for a free estimate

Plumbing Services and Prices


All plumbing work is undertaken.


Toilets – Repairs and replacements

Radiators and pipework

Showers - Electric and Power


Valves – Radiator, Zone and 3 Port actuators

Outside taps – Standard and Lever

Please contact us to book in for an estimate

Plumbing hourly labour charge £55.00 + VAT (£66.00)

Call out charge (up to one hour) £55.00 + VAT (£66.00)


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