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Chemical System Clean

From£225.00 + VAT

This process involves running chemical cleaning agents through the pipework and radiators of a heating system, so as to help dislodge and remove accumulated deposits of sludge and other undesirable contaminants that will be detrimental to the life or performance of the heating system. The chemicals are added to the heating system and allowed to circulate for up to a month. The system is then drained and refilled with water. It is advised to add inhibitor back into the system to protect it.

Magnetic Power Flush

From £495.00 + VAT

This process involves adding cleaning chemicals to the heating system and circulating them at high pressure through the pipework and radiators. This is to remove sludge and scale that has built up in the system.

The radiators are agitated to loosen up the sludge. Each radiator is then flushed individually with clean water. 

Any magnetic sludge and particles will be caught by the 2 powerful magnets that are inside the machine.

Then the system is refilled with clean water and corrosion inhibitor.


From £395.00 + VAT

This process involves water being swirled past a strong magnet in the MagnaCleanse equipment that is attached to the permanently fitted MagnaClean® filter. The magnet is positioned in what is known as the ‘swill chamber.’

Whilst the water is being pumped around the system and swirling past the magnet in the swill chamber the engineer visits every radiator, in turn, and vibrates them for a few seconds each, using a device known as an agitator.

Magnaclean Filter

From £145 + VAT